A Slice of Heavenly Tips for Bedsitters: Design and Arrangement.

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Many starting employees and campus students occupy bedsitters, due to the financial status they’re in. This has increased the demand and market for bedsitter spaces.

A bedsitter is a one room unit which is your living room, cooking area, and bedroom. A lot of myths and misconceptions surround bedsitter’s arrangement, decor, and style. Through questions I’ll pose these misconceptions.

Who said that bedsitters should be cluttered and disorganized? Who said bedsitters can’t be stylish, fancy, or colorful? Who said bedsitters can’t have your personal taste and style? Worst of all, who said bedsitter spaces have to suck the life out of it’s tenants?

20s doses is here for two reasons: first, to get rid of these myths through tips on arranging and designing bedsitter spaces. Secondly, to help you create a personal style for your bedsitters.

These tips are a taste of inspiration, affordability, organization, personal style, and a homey feeling for bedsitters!

Hop on, and journey with me on giving bedsitters a slice of heaven, shall we?

One Color Theme.

Designing a bedsitter begins with a color theme which sets the tone for the room. This is a vital tip and a game changer!

The tone is set by the color of choice for furniture, curtains, door mat, carpet, bedding, cushions, wallpapers : literally everything in the space. These colors bring out a theme which in turn results in a style for the room.

Example of a one colored theme.

Sticking to a one colored theme makes the room organized, and appealing to the eyes. Too many colors or color themes, make the room cluttered, messy, and complicated.

Most easily accessible items are black, white, or gray. Hence, it’s good to use one of these colors as your primary color, and then play around with one, or two, perhaps three of your favorite colors to bring out a theme.

If you go with gray and white, the style is elegance. If you pick black or white, with purple and pink, the style is whimsical, feminine, yet chic. If you go with blue and white, you create tranquility style.

Other styles include sophistication, rustic, bohemian, vintage, and nature inspired. Ensure that your style of choice sets the tone you want for yourself.

Different styles ranging from bohemian, rustic, elegance, to whimsical yet chic.


This tip is subdivided into three key areas: functionality, size, and multi-purpose furniture.


This tiny space demands that each item brought home serves a purpose! For example, if buying a table, it’s important to ask yourself which function the table will be playing.

Most importantly, don’t buy furniture pieces just because of some manual, or because others have one. Buy because it serves you!

Function for every furniture piece!

Unnecessary furniture pieces can be sold or donated to prevent a cluttered  look.


This limited space should be directly proportional to the size of furniture. Hence, avoid large furniture pieces as they fill up the space and make it congested. This is actually one of the factors that suck life out of bedsitters!

For example, if buying a sofa, consider where to place it, and then measure the space it will occupy. This measurement ensures that the sofa occupies the exact space.

The small sized sofa is a good example!

Multi-purpose Furniture.

Thinking multi-purpose or multifunctional in a bedsitter space is key! Key to what? To creatively maximizing the same floor while giving you more storage space.

Less is absolutely more in a tiny space! Examples of multi-purpose furniture pieces include:

  • Under bed pull out drawers offers loads of space for blankets, clothes, or personal items while occupying the same floor area. A storage head board can also provide more storage for books and toiletries.
Example of an under bed pull out drawer.
  • Clothing rack that doubles up to a shoe rack provides storage for clothes, as well as shoes in the same floor area.
Example of multi-purpose furniture.
  • Sofa beds that can act as a bed at night and a seating area during the day.
  • Stacking suitcases together making them resemble a coffee table. This provides space for placing clothes, or vases, or teddy bears.
Multifunctional furniture pieces.
  • Under sofa pull out drawers offer storage space, while still serving as a seating space.
  • A kitchen table can hold your gas and utensils. One with under shelves can hold your salt, sugar, etc.

NB: These multifunctional furniture pieces come handy in preventing putting stuff under the bed.

Room Dividers.

Ahh, room dividers! They jump in like super stars in making tiny spaces look spacious! They give an illusion of numerous rooms with different sections like: kitchen area, living room, as well as bedroom.

Several items can be used as room dividers including: shelves, gallery walls, cabinets, or the good old curtains.

If you go with shelves, kindly arrange suitable staff in them such as books.

A shelf acting as a room divider.

If you opt for curtains: ensure that they’re colorful, and that they blend in with the color theme.

A gallery wall is a temporary wall built with a large card board. It can be left plain, or wallpapers can be used, or pictures and motivation quotes can be stuck. Gallery walls are common as cardboards are accessible and affordable.

Examples different styles for gallery walls.

Key point to note, is that the size of your bedsitter determines how many dividers to use, and how many sections to create. The bigger the bedsitter, the more the dividers, and the more sections to create.

Small bedsitters can have one room divider with two sections: kitchen with living room, and bedroom area. Hence, divide with caution to prevent cluttering the space.


There is nothing ridiculously depressing like a small, disorganized, messy, and untidy bedsitter! Therefore, regularly cleaning the space and keeping it neat is vital!

Untidy bedsitter vs a tidy one.

Some sub tips include:

  • Keep everyday items at an easy reach, and isolate those not used regularly to provide an easy time. Everyday items include: coats, bags, an Identity Card, body oils, etc.
  • Return things where they belong immediately after use e.g. toothbrushes, make up, utensils, etc.
  • Throughly clean the room with soap or antiseptic once or twice weekly with daily sweeping.
  • Open your windows daily for fresh air and lighting.
  • Empty the trash as often as possible.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed.

We have come to the end of part one of this article! I hope you found the tips helpful and inspiring! Part two will be out soon! It will major on enhancing part one’s tips!

Do share in the comments if you would want a part two for this article! Share with friends in WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter!

Thank you, for being a part of this journey🤗🤩. Hope to see you in part two😉😉. Have a fruitful weekend ahead✨.

Deeply grateful!

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